Create a Unique YOU-Factor Proposition

Taking your team to the next level requires YOU, the sales leader to think like a CEO. When it comes to leading in this generation of mortgage professionals, you must consider all the ways YOU can add value to each candidate’s career and business goals. It's so important that you get the candidate's head in the game before you provide any kind of job offer, that they can say no to.

The YOU-Factor Workbook helps attract talent to JOIN YOU!  

Attracting Talent | Identify all the Unique Intangible Benefits YOU bring to the table

Articulate your Value | Describe what makes your Intangible benefits valuable to the Loan Officer

Consultative Recruiting | Helps YOU isolate Loan Officer's main problem with solutions.

Develop a Partnership | Connect YOUR value-Proposition to Loan Officer's business challenges.

Make a Difference | Differentiate YOU as the preferred provider of this value-proposition.

Your value proposition is the core of your competitive advantage. It clearly articulates why someone would want to JOIN your team instead of a competitor or just Staying-Put.

Create a Unique YOU-Factor Proposition Template! 

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The Outcome

While your YOU-Factor should help differentiate YOU from the industry, it is not a slogan, tagline, or even a way to position yourself in the market. Those types of value-propositions are important elements to your brand, but your potential customers. Loan Officers don't choose one business over the other based on a high-level mission statement.

The YOU-Factor goes deep into the problems you want to help solve for a Loan Officer, and what makes you the right Business Partner for them.

So, before you get out your sharp pencil and give away the company farm in an OFFER, take a few steps to slow down the process. They're not going anywhere, especially if your YOU-Factor doesn't add value to their business plan. It's crucial to ensure the candidate is fully engaged in growing their business and not just looking for another place to do loans.

When you can forecast their future sales, outline the steps to their success and when they start to view this as a Business Opportunity, they would be crazy not to join YOU.

The YOU-Factor Worksheet
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